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About us

We believe in the potential of every young person in Lambeth and want to empower them to make positive change for themselves and their communities. We will work with Lambeth’s voluntary and community sector to support innovative local programmes for young people across the borough.

Will you join us?

What is the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund?

Lambeth Council and The London Community Foundation have partnered to create the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund (LYOF) to provide vital resources and funding to support aspirational programmes aimed at helping young people to be safe, resilient, healthy and achieve their potential. We want to identify, test and scale the most innovative and effective initiatives to reduce inequality amongst young people in the Borough.

In particular, the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund will focus on improving the life chances for the most vulnerable: children living in poverty, black African and Caribbean children, children with special educational needs and disabilities, children looked after and care leavers.

Where does funding come from?

Us. All of us. Simply put, the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund is an opportunity to bring together Lambeth’s residents, local business, philanthropic investors and leading corporates with a presence in the Borough. Whether it’s a family’s £20 monthly donation, or a major donor’s £100,000 investment, the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund offers a chance to be part of the collective change we want to see for the young people in our neighbourhoods, communities and Borough.

Investing in the future

By supporting the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund, you are investing in Lambeth’s next generation of citizens, entrepreneurs, artists and business leaders.

Many of these talented young people face challenging circumstances- being socially excluded or struggling to have their voices heard. We want to work with local organisations to improve the quality and quantity of support available to these young people to help unlock their potential.

We want to invest in these young people as leaders of social change and give them the skills, resilience and platform they need to shape their communities and the world around them.

Find out more & case studies

To find out more, download the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund brochure.

Check out some case studies of organisations working to support young people in Lambeth: Iconic Steps and LCC.

The Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund operates under the auspices of The London Community Foundation. The London Community Foundation is a registered charity (1091263) and company limited by guarantee (4383269).

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